Premchand Degra is one of the first Indian competitive bodybuilders when he started during the 1980s.
Before he turned to fitness, Prem chand was an accomplished wrestler throughout early adulthood.
Because of his wrestling background, Degra was already muscular.
The period in which Degra began bodybuilding was extremely difficult as he had limited resources and there was no exposure to it.
His fitness routine consisted of 2,000 press-ups and squats as well as nine miles of running.
This extreme strength training led to Prem chand winning Mr. Punjab. He went on to win the IFBB Asian Amateur Championships three consecutive times.
Degra’s finest moment is becoming the first Indian to win Mr. Universe at the World Bodybuilding Championships in 1988. Premchand’s success as a bodybuilder saw him awarded the Padma Shri in 1990.
His dedication to fitness on-stage has paved the way for more Indian bodybuilders to make a name for themselves.